ephémère enchainé 's instruments

Project called EPHEMERE ENCHAINE requires several instruments newly constructed or non conventional:

handmade rotissoire

 beautiful original stroh cello

This project will happen in may 2015, with Scenatet ensemble, in Aarhus, Denmark.

CHARLIE HEBDO, the freedom of speech against religious idiots

 mahomet overwhelmed by integrists
"it's had to be loved by morans"


charlie hebdo publishes caricatures of mahomet
"darling, i'm going to fetch the newspaper"

charia in Lybia
D Strauss Kahn :
"the weather is nicer than in Lille, and you get less troubles than in New York"

lâchez tout ! Orléans

with Red Note Ensemble, Julien Baissat, Céline Bernard, and the fantastic Brecht Beuselinck as a universal technician.